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Emily Lau standing at pianoEmily Lau maintains an independent teaching studio at her home in Metuchen, NJ. She also teaches on the faculty of the New School for Music Study, which is the laboratory school of The Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy.

Her students regularly participate in performance events both inside and outside of her studio. In 2015, one of her students performed in an honors recital at Carnegie Hall for receiving the State Certificate of Excellence from the Royal Conservatory Examinations Program.

Ms. Lau studied piano with Christopher Harding, Winston Choi, Fr. Sean Duggan, and Mary Siciliano. She emigrated with her family from Hong Kong at the age of ten. She spent most of her youth in southeast Michigan. Emily enjoys singing as an amateur, and cantors regularly at St. Francis Catheral of Metuchen.

Teaching Philosophy

My goal as a piano teacher is to equip my students with the necessary musical tools that enable them to play the piano with ease, expressivity, and pleasure, so that they can always be readily able to share their love of music with friends and family.

I aim to teach my students to become independent musical thinkers, who will eventually be able to approach unfamiliar music on their own. I hope that the knowledge I share with my students will help them become confidently independent musicians, who will be able to continue to play and love music long after they stop taking lessons.

Piano skills require a long-term investment of dedication, discipline, and love. Talent helps a little, but success mostly comes from persistent hard work.

As a general guideline, one to three years of dedicated study are needed to achieve a beginning level of piano playing. Two to four years are needed for the intermediate levels. Exceptionally hardworking students may progress faster, and less dedicated students may take up to many years longer.

Early advanced technique and repertoire may require a few additional years to be introduced to the especially studious students. After that, higher levels of musical artistry may take up to a lifetime to polish, refine, and enjoy for amateurs and professionals alike.

Qualifications in piano performance

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