Studio News – September 2016

Welcome to the new school year of 2016-2017!

Also, welcome to a completely new look to the studio website! If you feel so inclined, please stop by this page and leave a few words of recommendation for the studio. Thank you!

As we get started with the new school year, I want to let you know about some ways to help promote better practicing habits for our students at home.

Lesson videos

From now on, I will be recording every lesson on video. They will be uploaded as private videos on Youtube and shared with you within a day of your student’s lesson (they will be viewable by only you and me). Please ask your student to review the videos during the week as needed. Some younger students may need your help and many reminders at first before a good routine is established.

Playing through pieces from beginning to end with lots of mistakes does NOT equal real practicing! Smart practicing should be precise, in small sections, and with special attention to ironing out tricky spots. The content of the lessons should provide good models of how practicing should sound like at home.

Practice Challenges

Here are some studio-wide Practice Challenges I am promoting heavily this year. Some students may have already experienced some of these already. Please continue to give your students gentle but firm reminders to practice every day, and enthusiastically cheer them on as they work toward conquering these challenges!


Practice using PRACTICIA on the iPhone/iPad for various in-game award throughout the week. (Android version is due to be released later this year)

100 Days of Practicing

Practice 100 days total and get your name nationally recognized in the Piano Explorer magazine. (Congratulations to Matthew for having achieved 200 days already!)

40-Piece Challenge

Master AT LEAST one piece per week. Receive a small prize for every 20 pieces you complete. Learn 100 total for the 100-Piece Trophy!

Happy practicing!



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