2 thoughts to “Recommendations”

  1. Ms. Emily is a gentle and sweet teacher who knows how to encourage her students. She not only provides reading material and CDs but has lately started sharing class videos to help the students. Even parents feel more connected with what their kids are doing in the class. Ms. Emily also asks her students to work through an app called Practicia through which she can listen to the students’ practicing at home. This way she can correct them and guide them further. My experience with Ms. Emily for the past one year has been very very good. My son is extremely happy and is learning a lot from her. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their kids’ piano skills. Thanks Ms. Emily for all the efforts you take to inspire young hearts.

  2. My son studied with Emily for 4 years and she was wonderful. He greatly enjoyed her calm approach. He developed excellent technical skills and and a solid understanding of theory and musical form. She was also sensitive to our repertoire tastes and selected pieces of the highest quality for him. Highly recommended!

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